Born in Uruguay South America and with an Italian family background, Vito's cultural heritage is visible throughout his work. Educated as an Electrical Engineer, but with a life long passion for the Arts, Vito opted to progress his artistic ambitions  professionally. Experimenting with photography, graphic design and paint, Vito's creations captivate the onlooker through bright colours and detail, allowing the story to unfold. Homage to inspirational Artists of years gone by, including Miro, Duchamp and Kandinsky, can be found throughout his collection.



Art Statement


My work is all about colour and illusion. My style has developed as a result of my life experiences which are reflected in the subtleties of the pieces I create. I am fascinated by how different materials can work together to  constantly attract and mislead our perception.
When I begin a work, I start with something both accidental and familiar, a few colors, a few shapes or smears. These initial colors and shapes start a process of discovering unintended proximities and relationships; a process of finding logic and meaning in the unique situation that emerges and creating enjoyment from the complexity of the art
Sometimes the subjects are clearly visible; other times they are beneath the surface like hidden secrets. All of my
work  begins with small fragments, unrelated pieces that build to a crescendo.
I find it interesting to see how a particular shape will dictate the overall result of the composition. For
the beauty of the Art is intrinsically linked to the accumulation of time and the necessity of change.









Lucca - Italiy

London/Delamere - UK

El Caracol - Uruguay

I work with a variety of clients for commissioned pieces including Corporate organisations, events and shows and Private collectors.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have an enquiries about comissioned art.

all images copyrighted by Vito Parteli 2020. Address: CW8 2HR, Delamere, United Kindom