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Interactive Art

What is it that connects us all? How do we ensure that in this ever growing, ever changing, always moving world, we stay connected to the truth of Human Nature, peace, trust, and most importantly, connection.


REALEYES is a new movement by artist Vito Parteli aiming to capture the different eyes of people from around the world in order to continue to portray a connection between humans in every walk of life.


In the time in which we live connection in a digital sense is increasingly easy. We have hundreds of connections on social media and it is said we are only ever two social connections from another person somewhere else in the world, on a digital platform.


However, it is easy to see that we are also missing the personal connection that binds us together as a human race. We often overlook the deep connections in favour of fleeting moments online.


Vito’s idea is to create unique pieces of art, showing a different set of eyes in each painting meaning that like human-beings, no two sets of eyes will ever be the same.


This is a lifetime project for me. I don’t ever see this movement ending. There are over 7 Billion different people on this planet and as long as I can keep receiving different sets of eyes to work with, I will continue to create the unique art of the RealEyes project. It is important that people realise that connection is more important now than ever” vito arteli


Participation is easy


People interested in seeing their eyes transformed into a beautiful and unique piece of art, can follow the online submission form. There is also a new app under construction which will make the process of donating your eyes even easier through the selfie function of your smartphone.


Each set of eyes is given a unique reference number for people to track online and find their own eyes.


This is a truly innovative art movement aiming to achieve the impossible by creating ever evolving unique pieces of art, with humanity as the individual contributors, encouraging a global art connection.


Support this project, by sending a photo of your eyes (jpeg,png) 

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Your eyes will form part of thousands of eye's final art installations.  

Support this project, by sending a photo of your eyes (jpeg,png) 

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