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Discover the Essence of Human Connection


What is it that truly connects us all? In a world that is ever-growing, ever-changing, and always moving, how do we stay tethered to the core of Human Nature—peace, trust, and most importantly, connection?

REALEYES is a groundbreaking movement by visionary artist Vito Parteli. This project seeks to capture the unique eyes of people from around the globe, creating a profound tapestry that illustrates our shared humanity.

In our digital age, connections are seemingly effortless. With hundreds of social media contacts, it’s said we are only two degrees away from anyone else in the world. Yet, these virtual links often overshadow the deep, personal bonds that define our human experience.

REALEYES challenges this norm by bringing us back to the essence of true connection. Each piece of art features a different set of eyes, symbolizing the individuality of every human being. Just as no two people are the same, neither are any two sets of eyes.

 “This is a lifetime project for me. I don’t ever see this movement ending. There are over 7 billion unique individuals on this planet, and as long as I keep receiving different sets of eyes, I will continue to create the unique art of the REALEYES project. It is crucial that people realize connection is more important now than ever.” — Vito Parteli.

Join us in this extraordinary journey. Be a part of the **REALEYES** movement and contribute to a global masterpiece that celebrates our diverse yet unified human spirit. Your eyes can tell your story and become a part of something timeless and universal.

Get involved today and help us create a world where every pair of eyes tells a story, and every story fosters a deeper connection.


Join the REALEYES Movement


Want to see your eyes turned into a unique piece of art? Use our online submission form or soon-to-be-released app, making it easy to contribute via your smartphone’s selfie function.

Each set of eyes gets a unique reference number for online tracking.

This groundbreaking project creates ever-evolving art with humanity at its core, fostering a global connection. Be part of something extraordinary—join REALEYES today.


Support this project, by sending a photo of your eyes (jpeg,png) 

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Your eyes will form part of thousands of eye's final art installations.  

Support this project, by sending a photo of your eyes (jpeg,png) 

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