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El Misti-All is Lost.png
El Misti-All is Lost.png

Commision: Album Cover Art

Band: El Misti

Album Title: All is Lost


Singer-songwriter, Paddy Bleakley, and guitarist, Kieran Gilchrist, bonded over a mutual love of classic acoustic folk, Americana, rock and roll, West Coast psychedelia and Latin culture, as well as a mutual disregard for personal safety, health and well-being.

The pair went their separate ways: Kieran embarking on a musical pilgrimage to Latin America, and Paddy starting a bar and music venue called Kash 22, in his native Frodsham, Cheshire.

Eventually reuniting, the pair built a recording studio above the bar and got to work.

With countless hours of writing, regular hazy after hours sessions and occasional intimate performances, the duo took their time to create a body of work they believed in.

El Misti-All is Lost.png
Hidden City.png

Commision: Art for personal collection

Art Title: HIdden City

El Misti-All is Lost.png

Commision: Art for New Venue - Propaganda Room, at @kashbar22, United Kingdom

Art Title: Propaganda continues

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