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Which is your MUSE?

RealEyes art project is an ever-expanding exhibition capturing the unique nature of our individual eyes alongside our personal beliefs. This a social interactive art project puts the people as the main objective of the work and transforms everybody in the muse of the art.
This art work is formed by 8 paintings of the eyes of 8 unique participants that shared their beliefs can you see it in their eyes? 
Vito Parteli has gathered more than 600 participants in his project in the last 12 months.


I believe in the power of the Universe. I believe in Karma. I believe what we put out into The Universe we get back. I believe the Sky is everything, and it begins at your feet. I truly believe in forgiveness. I believe after every storm the sun will shine. And I believe if the moon walks out, the sky will understand.

"Credo: all’amicizia siciliana, la vera, che si basa sul non detto, sull'intuito: uno a un amico non ha bisogno di domandare, è l’altro che autonomamente capisce e agisce di conseguenza"

"I believe in other people's dreams"

Acredito..., nos direitos humanos e na Luta constante! 

I believe in power of silence

I believe in love, love to transform people, places, moments. Secret formula of transforming the world

"I believe in the fresh wind caresses the skin and run among the air, in the perfume of the rain on the asphalt, in the power of sunset's color"

"I believe that even in darkness, I can find a shadow of light"

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