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Create a brand new website for the new Bar in Frodsham, Chester, United Kingdom. 
My role

UX Designer and Project Leader

The tools

Survey Monkey


The Team

1 Content Artist

Key Contributuons

Concept Ideation


User research 

Interaction design 

UX two weeks

UI one week

The Process


Background research

Owner/staff Interview

Customers Interviews


Features prioritization

Web functionality 


Low-Fi sketches

Bring to Life



User testing

Prototype testing

Paddy Bleakley

Paddy Bleakley

Musician / Bar Owner

For this opportunity, I worked with the owner Paddy Bleakley.

Paddy is an artist and a communal leader. The THA DOGG HOUSE is a new bar that was born as a spin-off of the famous KASH22 , in Chester UK.

The Challenge
How to integrate the soul of the community with a new concept of the bar.

After talking with Paddy, the idea is to create a new brand and type of bar in the city. Also the need to connect the new place with the current pub, Kash22.

To show the community spitit of the place. 

The website will the able to unify the user experience.

Project Goals

Goal #1: Create a new communication channel that unified the content and curated information.


Goal #2: Integrate both brands into de Website desing.

Goal #3: Creat a platform to promote artists and bands.

Learning about our customers

Key insights from user research

10 Customers one-2-one interviews

7 Staff interviews

50 survey to customers responses:

  • 8 questions,

  • 100 responses,

  • 2 weeks

Belives v2 TDG.png

Insight #1

Best atmosphere on town

Moust of the clients repeas that the atmospher is one of the most important. Staff also apears as the main assets of the venue.

Insight #2

Local supporters

Staff thinks that the main aspect the highlighte is the way the food is produce, the support to local suppliers. 

Insight #3


Always live show, 5 days a week.Food is served until late.

Turning scribbles to prototypes

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